Lesley Green

June 15, 2016

David and I know how much time and effort you and the Pollards have put into getting the Medical centre up and running, so wanted to tell you of our experience this week. David passed out early on Thursday evening for no apparent reason. I phoned the emergency number and, although the ambulance was not at Kamares at the time, it arrived, with Nurse Jackie very quickly.

She and the ambulance driver quickly assessed the situation and recommended that David be taken to a hospital of our choice for a check. We chose the Iasis for ease and were taken there straight away. Nurse Jacky and the driver were efficient, friendly and reassuring. The staff at the hospital were also very efficient and, on checking, found David’s BP was very high indeed.  So, they kept him in, put him on a drip and ran a series of blood tests, chest x-ray and brain scan, whilst monitoring his BP on a regular basis. In the end, he was in two nights and came out yesterday and is absolutely fine now.

We just want to say that it’s not until you need a safety net that you really appreciate that it’s there. Well done all of you, we are so fortunate to have this facility here in Kamares and we hope membership goes from strength to strength. Just hope those who have decided to save money on the subscription don’t learn the lesson the hard way.