Khobot family

June 15, 2016

In the Summer of 2010 a swimming pool incident involving a 4 year old boy could have resulted in a terrible tragedy had it not been for the prompt response from the Kamares Emergency Medical Centre.

Nurse Karen Gowing and Dr Pradeep attended the incident and administered emergency treatment to the unconscious child.

Due to this immediate response, the child’s life was saved and averted any long term damage. To express their gratitude the family made a very substantial donation to the Medical Centre which has resulted in the purchase of state of the art medical equipment. To accommodate this new equipment the room adjoining the present clinic has been renovated and will be used to extend the services of the centre. The Medical Centre has dealt with many medical emergencies since it opened in 2007.

We are very fortunate to have this facility in our area with Medical assistance available 24 hour / 7days a week, plus a GP service Monday to Friday. It is now in its fourth year and is totally self funding and non profit making.
This generous donation will greatly enhance this unprecedented, unique service and will benefit our community even more.