David jones

June 15, 2016

On the evening of Wed 23 Jan I was alone in the house, Molly was on an aircraft returning from the UK and expecting me to meet her at the airport. I have a long-standing weakness in my lung functions and suffered something akin to a serious asthma attack, I was unable to get the oxygen I needed.

I didn’t have the telephone number for the Hospital Centre, doubted my ability to explain my problem to neighbours as I was unable to speak, my breathing being so bad. Also I knew that I would not make it up to the H Centre on foot so I took the car. I was on the point of expiring when I arrived but, luckily, the male nurse saw me in the car park, helped me in and administered oxygen although I was quite unable to speak to him. He might well have saved my life! (It certainly felt like it to me!) A doctor was called and he arrived within a few minutes to give me various nebulised drugs.

Although not officially on duty he spent a couple of hours attending to my needs and tried to persuade me to go into hospital there and then; I refused because I was worried about Molly but I went in next day. As I said my experience was less dramatic than David’s but, as you can imagine, I was more than relieved to have this efficient service available when I needed it.