David Gallanders

June 15, 2016

I was out walking with Diana and our dog late on Friday afternoon and towards the end of our walk while going up a gentle slope, I was affected by severe chest pain. Diana took me home in the car and called the medical centre. The duty Nurse offered to come to the house but we decided that Diana could drive me there.

By the time we got there, the duty Doctor had been called, and the Nurse had set up the ECG machine, the Doctor arrived shortly afterwards and within 30 minutes the tests had been completed and within one hour I was in the IASIS.

My grateful thanks to everyone involved in the Medical Centre project. David G Having planned for three, when the surgeons opened me up, they decided four bypasses were necessary. Nevertheless, they had me out of bed and walking (staggering) about the next day! Now, I have to let the healing process take its course, and try not to be too awkward a convalescent!

David G.