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LESLEY GREEN June 15, 2016

David and I know how much time and effort you and the Pollards have put into getting the Medical centre up and running, so wanted to tell you of our experience this week. David passed out early on Thursday evening for no apparent reason. I phoned the emergency number and, although the ambulance was not at Kamares at the time, it arrived, with Nurse Jackie very quickly.

She and the ambulance driver quickly assessed the situation and recommended that David be taken to a hospital of our choice for a check. We chose the Iasis for ease and were taken there straight away. Nurse Jacky and the driver were efficient, friendly and reassuring. The staff at the hospital were also very efficient and, on checking, found David's BP was very high indeed.  So, they kept him in, put him on a drip and ran a series of blood tests, chest x-ray and brain scan, whilst monitoring his BP on a regular basis. In the end, he was in two nights and came out yesterday and is absolutely fine now.

We just want to say that it's not until you need a safety net that you really appreciate that it's there. Well done all of you, we are so fortunate to have this facility here in Kamares and we hope membership goes from strength to strength. Just hope those who have decided to save money on the subscription don't learn the lesson the hard way.


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I was out walking with Diana and our dog late on Friday afternoon and towards the end of our walk while going up a gentle slope, I was affected by severe chest pain. Diana took me home in the car and called the medical centre. The duty Nurse offered to come to the house but we decided that Diana could drive me there.

By the time we got there, the duty Doctor had been called, and the Nurse had set up the ECG machine, the Doctor arrived shortly afterwards and within 30 minutes the tests had been completed and within one hour I was in the IASIS.

My grateful thanks to everyone involved in the Medical Centre project. David G Having planned for three, when the surgeons opened me up, they decided four bypasses were necessary. Nevertheless, they had me out of bed and walking (staggering) about the next day! Now, I have to let the healing process take its course, and try not to be too awkward a convalescent!

David G.

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DAVID JONES June 15, 2016

On the evening of Wed 23 Jan I was alone in the house, Molly was on an aircraft returning from the UK and expecting me to meet her at the airport. I have a long-standing weakness in my lung functions and suffered something akin to a serious asthma attack, I was unable to get the oxygen I needed.

I didn't have the telephone number for the Hospital Centre, doubted my ability to explain my problem to neighbours as I was unable to speak, my breathing being so bad. Also I knew that I would not make it up to the H Centre on foot so I took the car. I was on the point of expiring when I arrived but, luckily, the male nurse saw me in the car park, helped me in and administered oxygen although I was quite unable to speak to him. He might well have saved my life! (It certainly felt like it to me!) A doctor was called and he arrived within a few minutes to give me various nebulised drugs.

Although not officially on duty he spent a couple of hours attending to my needs and tried to persuade me to go into hospital there and then; I refused because I was worried about Molly but I went in next day. As I said my experience was less dramatic than David's but, as you can imagine, I was more than relieved to have this efficient service available when I needed it.


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KHOBOT FAMILY June 15, 2016

In the Summer of 2010 a swimming pool incident involving a 4 year old boy could have resulted in a terrible tragedy had it not been for the prompt response from the Kamares Emergency Medical Centre.

Nurse Karen Gowing and Dr Pradeep attended the incident and administered emergency treatment to the unconscious child.

Due to this immediate response, the child's life was saved and averted any long term damage. To express their gratitude the family made a very substantial donation to the Medical Centre which has resulted in the purchase of state of the art medical equipment. To accommodate this new equipment the room adjoining the present clinic has been renovated and will be used to extend the services of the centre. The Medical Centre has dealt with many medical emergencies since it opened in 2007.

We are very fortunate to have this facility in our area with Medical assistance available 24 hour / 7days a week, plus a GP service Monday to Friday. It is now in its fourth year and is totally self funding and non profit making.
This generous donation will greatly enhance this unprecedented, unique service and will benefit our community even more.


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TIM WHEATLEY November 25, 2016

I recently underwent major surgery on my back. Prior to the operation, I suffered extreme pain caused by a trapped sciatic nerve. During this time, I fully appreciated what benefits accrued from membership of the Iasis Hospital Kamares Emergency Medical Clinic scheme. I received superb care and attention from all the staff at the clinic both during normal opening times and, more importantly, outside their usual morning surgery times.

I was receiving pain-killing injections twice daily morning and afternoon and, when the pain became too severe for me to travel the three kilometers to the clinic, I was able to arrange, privately with the resident nurse and receptionist, Jacqueline Donaghy, for her to administer the injections at my house twice daily including weekends. Following release from hospital following my operation, the dressing on my back had to be changed twice daily and again the staff was absolutely meticulous in maintaining the highest possible level of sanitation to ensure that there was no risk of infection.
It is difficult to think how my wife and I would have coped without the use of this facility and I cannot thank them enough for their care and attention during my problems. I know I am not alone in praising this facility in the short time it has been operating and it has already been responsible for helping to save lives through their ability to react speedily to any medical emergency in the Tala area.

In my opinion, it is absolutely essential that this facility remains in existence. However, I am aware that more members are required to ensure that this happens. I would, therefore, urge all residents of Tala, whether they live here permanently or only spend a few months a year on the island, to consider joining the scheme which, at present, costs Euros 95 per person per annum. You never know when you might need to use this excellent facility and we really cannot afford to see it disappear.

Tim Wheatley