Dr. Emilios Hadjipaschalis

  • General Surgeon
  • +357 99980693 +357 26848413 +357 26848484
  • IASIS Hospital, 8036, Paphos, Cyprus
  • +357 26848300
  • emilioschp@gmail.com


    General Surgeon


    Director of Surgical Dep. NHS of the University Hospital of Alexandroupolis-Greece
    Born in Paphos in 1951, where he completed basic and secondary education. He studied at the Medical School of Athens, graduating in 1975. Received the specialty of General Surgery in Athens (Pediatric Hospital, 1st Hospital of Social Security)

    He worked at the University Hospital of Alexandroupolis, continuously since 1985, as an officer of the surgical section and since 1999 he became Director of the NHS surgical department until December 2012.
    Participated in educational activities of the Hospital (teaching medical students and doctors training in general surgery) and educational programs, both in Greece and abroad (Great Britain-Cyprus), mainly related to laparoscopic surgery.

    He attended many medical conferences, seminars and postgraduate courses, been a member of organizing and scientific committees, bureaux, roundtables, etc., and presented or published more than 50 scientific medical works. His long-term training and experience, allowed him to deal with a variety of surgical operations (laparoscopic and open) such as biliary, bowel, hernia, breast, thyroid gland, etc. In the Surgical Department approximately 400 operations were performed per year of average and severe conditions, and many other less serious, most of which he executed and oversaw the rest.

    Since 2013 he practices surgery at IASIS Hospital In Paphos