Dr. Costas Philippou

  • Urologist
  • +357 26 848484
  • IASIS Hospital, 8036, Paphos, Cyprus
  • +357 24 848300
  • info@iasishospital.com




    Dr. Costas Philippou is urological surgeon – andrologist with a BA (2006) from the Aristotle
    University of Thessaloniki. He trained in the specialty of Urology-Andrology at Umeå University Sweden. In addition, he worked at the University Hospital Örebro (endourology) and the University Hospital Akademiska Uppsala (paediatric urology) as well as at Sankt Göran hospital Stockholm (urogynecology). Finally, he worked as an associate consultant urologist at Örnsköldsvik hospital.

    Dr. Costas Philippou is guided by ethical principles and respect for medical ideals. Continuous training and information on all developments in the methods and techniques in the industry have “sealed” the excellent scientific training as he has attended numerous scientific and practical seminars abroad.

    Special interest:

    Prostate diseases: benign hyperplasia, prostatitis, prostate cancer, prostate biopsies.
    Endourology: transurethral surgery for bladder cancer TURBT, urethral stricture, transurethral prostatectomy, TURis prostate vaporization , ureteropyeloscopy.
    Urolithiasis: transurethral lithotripsy for bladder stones, semi rigid and flexible ureteroscopic stone extraction, extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy ESWL )
    Urogynecology: urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse ,cystocele, rectocele.
    Incontinence: transurethral injection of Botox, Deflux, bulking agents, tension free vaginal tape TVT-O, male sling procedure, artificial sphincter.
    Andrology: subfertility, varicocele, Peyronies disease, vasectomy, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, penile injection treatment , penile implants, premature ejaculation , phimosis, penis frenuloplasty, hydrocele , hematospermia, testis biopsy.
    Paediatric urology: testicular torsion, phimosis, cryptorchidism.